The Fire Tune

Added 18 August 2011 | Duration 11 minutes 0 seconds
DJ Dolphin Boy's fiery soundtrack in its glorious entirety!

Cooperation is Key

Added 26 April 2011 | Duration 5 minutes 55 seconds
Woodlands offers some excellent opportunities for farmers and land managers to diversify.

Power to the People

Added 21 April 2011 | Duration 4 minutes 7 seconds
District heating schemes are one of the most efficient ways of keeping multiple homes and public buildings warm using wood. They bring greater local control of energy and have the potential to bring huge economic benefits to rural areas.

Blazing the Trail

Added 14 April 2011 | Duration 5 minutes 14 seconds
Communities can benefit in loads of ways from securing their own local supplies of firewood. Michaela Hunter of the Community Woodlands Association explains.

Burning Issues

Added 06 April 2011 | Duration 7 minutes 34 seconds
Burning wood isn't hard - a bit of forward planning and a few handy hints can help you make the most of your firewood stocks.

The Magic of Firewood

Added 25 March 2011 | Duration 5 minutes 44 seconds
Why the time is ripe for switching to firewood

11 December 2012

per kWHper Year
Woodfuel - Logs£0.023£690
Woodfuel - Pellets£0.052£1560
Woodfuel - Chips£0.026£780
Oil - Kerosene£0.07£2100
this is based on...

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We've been running our online survey of users, suppliers, in fact everyone interested in woodfuel in the national park, for a while and you can now see what other people are thinking from the results so far. The more views we gather the better, so please complete the short survey in a spare moment and help us to help you. Read More...

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