What is the best way to burn wood?

When you burn logs in an open hearth, lovely as it is, it is an extremely inefficient way to heat a room. As much as 90% of the heat will go straight up the chimney and the draught that the open fire creates will draw warm air from your room which is then replaced with cold air drawn in from outside.

Open fires also burn very inefficiently only using about a quarter of the energy locked up in the logs - this means more ash and smoke for lower heat output. However take heart! modern technology has provided a solution and today's wood burning stoves are an extremely efficient and clean way to make the most of the sun's energy that has been locked away in the tree and can now heat your home.

You can choose to have a wood stove - this is essentially a room heater. In addition you can have the option of a wood stove with a back boiler that can be connected to radiators and a hot water cylinder to provide hot water and heating in other rooms.  Information about all the types of wood burning stoves that can be found here  and here.

 If you'd like to hear more from people who have a wood stove in the home then click here.

Or you may want to go the whole hog and replace your oil or gas heating system with a log boiler.  This can be a very cost effective way of heating your home given the trend in the price of oil and gas energy - especially if you have access to good supplies of logs or are able to process timber into firewood yourself. Have a look at this fact sheet to find out more.

There is a wealth of information on the internet about stoves and where to buy them - there are a few helpful links on this site but the best thing to do is to pop along to your local stove supplier and ask them which would be the best appliance for you. Have a look at the suppliers directory and map to find a supplier near you.


11 December 2012

per kWHper Year
Woodfuel - Logs£0.023£690
Woodfuel - Pellets£0.052£1560
Woodfuel - Chips£0.026£780
Oil - Kerosene£0.07£2100
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