Log pileWhy Woodfuel?

Using wood to heat homes and workplaces in the Cairngorms National Park makes shedloads of sense.

There’s a great source available on the doorstep.

Wood doesn’t cause global warming; fossil fuels such as coal and oil do. Rather than being a source of greenhouse gases, wood from sustainably managed forests is carbon neutral, which means it doesn't add to the total amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

This is because the carbon dioxide released by a tree when it is burned is the same as it absorbs when it is growing. Trees cut down for fuel are replanted and woods are managed to provide a continual supply of wood, places for people to enjoy and a range of habits for wildlife.

Increasing numbers of woods and forests in the area are being managed to provide a reliable source of fuel for homes and businesses in the Park. People in towns and villages are seeking opportunities to work with landowners in setting up community firewood schemes.

Sourcing firewood locally cuts down on fuel miles. It’s cheaper, and using wood means householders and businesses can budget better for heating costs without worrying about the fluctuating price of oil.

From buying woodchip in bulk from local estates to disovering small scale log supplies from farm and community woodlands, using local woodfuel boosts the local economy.

Expert advice is available from Forestry Commission Scotland's woodfuel advisors and invaluable information on equipment, grants and installations can be found on the usewoodfuel website.


With heating systems ranging from efficient woodburning stoves, which give a glowing heart to a home or business; to community heating equipment and chip and pellet boilers, wood is the natural fuel of the future.





11 December 2012

per kWHper Year
Woodfuel - Logs£0.023£690
Woodfuel - Pellets£0.052£1560
Woodfuel - Chips£0.026£780
Oil - Kerosene£0.07£2100
this is based on...

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We've been running our online survey of users, suppliers, in fact everyone interested in woodfuel in the national park, for a while and you can now see what other people are thinking from the results so far. The more views we gather the better, so please complete the short survey in a spare moment and help us to help you. Read More...

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